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En Las Tablas Performing Arts (ELTPA) is a nonprofit community arts organization established in Chicago in 2006 to offer children and adults from the Hermosa Neighborhood, and surrounding communities, affordable access to an array of performing arts classes and professional artistic training opportunities. We offer bilingual/bicultural dance, theatre, and music courses for all ages. Additionally, we offer creative writing workshops with open mic opportunities for our adult students.

  • Our Board of Directors
  • Dr. Milka Ramirez - President
  • Mr. Hobert Holloway - Secretary
  • Ms. Noemy Quiñones - Treasurer
  • Mrs. Mayari Guzman-Katz - Member
  • Ms. Maritza Nazario - Executive Director

Our mission and philosophy

En Las Tablas Performing Arts aims to provide an open, safe, and affirming space where participants can explore their own artistic expression. These experiences are geared toward educating, celebrating, and connecting participants with each other, their culture, and a rich artistic history.

Our educational and artistic philosophy is centered on health, environmental, and cultural awareness. We believe that by teaching our students to care for their bodies, mind, and environment, we also help them care for and respect one another.

Serving the Community

Most of our students are of Latino descent. Because of this, we work to celebrate the traditions, language, history, and artistic manifestations of many Latin American and Caribbean cultures. We always look to support families in their efforts to pass on an important piece of themselves to their children through the arts.

Parents of participants are included in all aspects of our program, and are invited to actively participate in artistic, programmatic, and financial efforts. Families of younger participants are also welcome into the classroom during lessons. It is these parents and participants who know us best.

“En Las Tablas Performing Arts has helped my kids many aspects, socially, artistically and mentally. Their confidence has grown tremendously as well.”

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The instructors

Together, our educators offer a rich tapestry of backgrounds, experiences, and professional talents. Each one brings a unique perspective to the ELTPA community through the classes they teach.

Our Space

Community organizations can use our facility to conduct meetings, workshops, exhibits, community lectures and presentations. The space is also available on limited basis for private celebrations.

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Our Classes

Interested in joining our student body through one of our dance, theatre, music, or writing classes?

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